Braddah Hutts is a Filet Artist!

Visiting Hana is a special treat. The Hawaiians say that “only the truly blessed make it to Hana.” Some visitors whole-heartedly agree after making the long and winding trip on the Road to Hana. But once you’ve reached Hana, Braddah Hutts BBQ Grill is truly another gift if you arrive before 2 pm.

We always suggest you spend some time in Hana. A one day turn around is too short and stressful to see and do everything that Hana has to offer. And if you arrive too late for the lunch plate, Braddah Hutts can filet a fresh catch ahi for you if you are lucky enough to be staying overnight. One of the guests at Heavenly Hana Paradise recently posted this video:



Susie & Eddie from Timonium, Maryland Say Braddah Hutts is Ono-licious!

Susie & EddieSusie Stanley and Eddie Tyler traveled all the way from Maryland to vacation on Maui and found Hana to be very, very special. A favorite spot on their trip was Braddah Hutts BBQ Grill. “Everything was delicious,” said Susie.

As a special treat Braddah Hutts shucked a coconut for Susie (in a matter of minutes) – it was so impressive!! “Braddah Hutts made our Maui vacation really memorable,” they said.  Continue reading

Say Aloha to the Garavello Family from Fresno, California

People travel from all over the world to eat lunch at Braddah Hutts in Hana on Maui.

Monday afternoon the Garavello Family from Fresno, California told us that they stop at Braddah Hutts every time they visit Maui. That’s quite a compliment. The Garavello’s, who have been married for 37 years, said their lunch was “amazing food – great Hawaiian BBQ.  Generous helpings and Delic!”

Good food, hmmm – possibly a secret to a lasting marriage? Everybody was certainly very happy after lunch!  When you are looking for the best Hawaiian BBQ – and you are real hungry… Braddah Hutts is definitely where you want to be.

Pau Work at Braddah Hutts

At the end of a busy day Braddah Hutts and his family like to jam. Everyone in the family is musically talented and on any evening after work you may hear them singing in harmony and playing ukulele. Hutts’ brothers from Tahiti are visiting and we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of their gifts.

And you thought Braddah Hutts just had great food… his talents are endless.

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All the way from Calgary Alberta Canada just for Braddah Hutts BBQ Ribs!

You meet some of the nicest people at Braddah Hutts, eh?

It has been a gorgeous day in Hana, Maui. Dan and Matt rode in on their bikes just to make sure they had lunch with Braddah Hutts.  Matt said lunch was “absolutely fantastic” and Dan said they “came all the way from Calgary Alberta Canada just for Braddah Hutts BBQ Ribs!”  Looks like they’ll be coming back, eh?!


No Taco Bells, no used car lots,
no shopping malls, no Minit Stops
no traffic jams, no noise, no smoggy air.
No fear, no worry, no hurry, no stress
well, if that’s what you’re looking for I guess,
you’re absolutely right, there’s nothing there…
THE ROAD TO HANA  By Steve & Kathy Sargenti

The Road to Hana is a spectacular ride. And as Dan and Matt will tell you the road trip is very special and lunch at Braddah Hutts that makes it Maui no ka ‘oi! (The Best!)

‘Braddah Hutts’ has a world class chef

Braddah Hutts aka Hatota Tehiva – is a world class chef living in Hana, Hawaii. He was even asked to be the personal chef for Hillary Clinton on her visit to Hana a few years ago and has produced a wonderful spicy soy sauce mix available for retail sale. His stand began as a fund raiser for his family to return to Tahiti in order to visit family still living there. Now, due to popular demand, Braddah Hutt’s is a world renown hot spot in Hana.

His portions are HUGE and DELICIOUS! The mahi mahi is fantastically prepared with fresh vegetables and a delicious light cream sauce.

On certain days, when his daughters are there to help, he may be serving his original Shrimp Pasta dish – yum! We can hardly resist his BBQ chicken, with his special marinate – it is ‘out of this world!   Shrimp Pasta (photo above).